How to tell your parents / friends you're a nudist?

Before you reveal this to your parents / friends, it is essential to know whether or not you are a naturist. Do you know the difference between a nudist and a naturist? Well, now that you have made up your mind to tell your friends about the nudist lifestyle, it is critical you have some knowledge about it.

Are you still thinking of practicing nudism or do you follow it already? Are you alright with being naked in public? Are you comfortable with other people seeing you naked? Have to been to places that are exclusive to nudists? In case you haven't, you can accompany any of your nudist friends to take you there along with their family. You can accompany them to a nudist resort or a nude beach and experience it.
So, how would you reveal this to your parents? Practicing nudism if you have siblings of the opposite sex would attract a lot of criticism from everyone at home, unless of course your family members follow the nudist way of living. On the other hand, if you don't have any siblings or have same-sex siblings, it would be a lot easier. Before you start following nudism at home, make sure you are absolutely clean. Nudists always carry a towel with them to sit on.

The next big issue that would arise is convincing your parent that nudism isn't bad. Like any other person, they too might get confused between nudism and exhibitionism. The best option would be to ask the parents of any of your nudists to speak with your parents. In this way, they would get a better understanding on what this culture all about and how it can benefit ones health.

Dealing with a family that has kids of the opposite sex and with a significant age gap could be extremely difficult. Therefore, it is always better to let your parents speak with someone of their age as that would give them assurance that what you're doing isn't against the society. In a lot of cases, entire families have started following the nudist lifestyle, just by doing things for the first time.

It wasn't so difficult, isn't it? Studies have shown that nudism is beneficial for your health, provided you practice it in the right way and do not go against the law. A lot of states in the USA have laws against nudity. So, you wouldn’t be able to practice social nudism in these places. Nevertheless, you can certainly start off from your home.


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