Sleeping naked is healthier: Research

Since the inception of the nudist / naturist culture, people have been skeptical about it. Instead of treating it as a different way of living, people have often compared it to plain sex and exhibitionism. However, given the kind of health benefits that is offers, you would certainly beg to differ.

According to a recent study conducted by a European research firm, sleeping without clothes is beneficial. This study shows that when you shred the clothes, every aspect of your life gets benefited. In fact, researchers have listed out some of the major benefits of practicing nudism, at least when you sleep. Here are some of the health benefits of sleeping naked:
Prevents the growth of bacteria around the genitalia: It is a well established fact that bacteria grow better in a warm environment. The constant air flow around your private bits prevents the bacteria from growing. Researchers claim that this is extremely advantageous for women. Nevertheless, men too might be growing moss around their genitals.

Sleeping naked for beauty: It has been proven that people who sleep at a warmer temperature are likely to age faster. In addition to this, people who drink are more likely to show signs of aging at a younger age. Being too warm at night hinders the release of the hormone melatonin and several other growth hormones.

Sleeping naked to cut belly fat: For those of you looking to get rid of the belly fat or make a six pack, getting uninterrupted sleep is vital. So, what's the solution to this issue? It's simple! All you need to do is take of your clothes and hit the sack. Sound sleep helps build energy and stabilizes hormone levels that are responsible for metabolism.

Sleeping naked to boost your confidence levels: A study shows that sleeping naked boosts your confidence level. This might sound a little weird but it is true. Feel yourself from all the social confinements and feel the sheets rub every part of your body.

Sleeping naked for better sex: Sleeping naked is very beneficial for couples who have been experiencing a lack-luster sex life. Sleeping naked next to a person and feeling their naked body certainly adds to the level of intimacy. In fact, this experience releases a hormone known as Oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone. This directly translated into better sex.

Her you have it – 5 reasons to stop being a never-nude and trying something different. The aforementioned benefits of naked sleeping will undoubtedly give you a good reason to practice nudism at least at night. There is nothing wrong in trying something new, especially when it is beneficial to your health.


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