Is Nudity a Sin?

Do you feel awkward when someone sees you without clothes? Do you think it is okay for children to see their parents without any clothing? These questions have been surfaced time and again but even experts failed to give any substantial reasoning for it.

This discussion resurfaced with writer Rita Templeton, a mother of four wrote an article for Huffington post about how she lets her kids see her naked body. She feels that her children, aged 2, 5, 6 and 9 should get a clear idea about the female body. She also says that this is essential as the female form is often scrutinized, photoshopped and misrepresented on the web.
Rita says that she exposes her body to her children before they come across pictures of air-brushed women. However, experts believe that parents should take extra care before they choose to reveal their private bits, even if the kids are too young to understand what they're seeing. According to studies, children tend to make their own opinions about modesty between the ages of 4 and 8. It is during this age that they take cues from their parents about how modest they should be.

It turns out that, at this age, kids start to learn about cultural norms for privacy. Exposure to nudity at the wrong age would give the wrong message about what personal or private matters should be made public. On the other hand, it is also essential that you consider the behavior of your kids when you are naked. In case you feel they are uncomfortable seeing you without clothes, it would be better to practice discreet nudity.

This discomfort is pretty evident in Christian families, who have always considered nudity a sin. This debate starts with Genesis 2:25, wherein Adam and Eve were naked in the Garden of Eden and had a fruit, which god had told them not to eat. However, the bible also has reference to public nudity and compares it with “ignorant children dumb to the fires of sexual lust”.

It was only after Adam and Eve consumed the fruit of knowledge that they came to know that nudity had more implications than what they were initially made aware of. Nevertheless, this debate ends without any substantial conclusion and the opinion remains largely divided. Experts believe that nudity is healthy for body and mind, but it shouldn’t be confused with exhibitionism. It depends on you whether or not you wish to follow it but if you wish to make your kids aware of it, better consult a psychologist before you do so.


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